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How can teachers meet the challenges of multi-level classes? It helps if we distinguish between planning and preparation...(more)


This is a sampling of comments collected from workshops. The prompt was "What was one useful thing for you about today's workshop?"

General Comments

  • I can already see ways to use everything we did today.
  • Fresh new ideas for my classrooms! I walked into this with an attitude; I just wanted to get my "new teacher hours" completed. But I enjoyed everything, learned a lot, and the presenter was wonderful. Great job!
  • I was reminded of some activities I have forgotten to use recently, like chains and concentric circles. Thank you for a delightful idea-filled session!
  • The handouts were excellent!

On Planning vs. Preparation
  • I learned that over-preparation was the cause of my stress.
  • Now I'll have more time for long-range planning.

Adaptability of Routines
  • Students can use these activities over and over, which will build their confidence and save time in class.
  • Thank you for demonstrating how we can use each routine in a variety of ways.

Hands-On Nature of Workshop
  • I liked trying out the activities ourselves. It's always better to experience it than just to read about it.
  • Participating in the demos, I can picture how I will use these ideas next week with all my students.

Getting Students More Involved
  • You really hit home. Although we should be prepared, the real learning is done by the students.
  • I learned how to make my teaching more student-centered.
  • These activities will capture my students' interest. Each student will play an active part in class!
  • Getting students active in their learning is just what I needed. I've only been teaching a few months and was feeling overwhelmed.

Creating a Community of Learners
  • These activities will definitely get my students involved with their classmates.
  • Fun! Communal spirit.

Teachers Who Specifically Mentioned Their Work
  • I will bring back to my School Leadership Team information about how content teachers can help students acquire language.
  • Wonderful activities for remedial 6th grade reading
  • I leaned how to make reading enjoyable. This is an excellent workshop for new teachers.
  • I have 2nd grade emergent readers and I know for sure that they will love every one of these activities. Adaptable, breaks the boring routine we've been doing all the time.
  • (From a 10-year bilingual Spanish teacher): A thousand thanks to you. This will move me out of monotonous routines to more dynamic and active learning experiences.
  • One thing that was useful for me as a high school guidance counselor was not to overprepare for group counseling sessions.
  • The dictation ideas are very good. I plan to use them in my literacy classes.
  • I can easily adapt these for workplace ESL training. Common complaints from supervisors are that workers don't speak up in team meetings, don't interrupt or ask for clarification, and don't communicate enough in English in general. These activities will help my students practice these skills in work contexts.

On Stress Reduction Workshops
  • Thank you! Your calming voice and way were wonderful.
  • The most valuable thing was the lightness and the joy you bring to teaching.
  • Great sense of humor!
  • Well organized!
  • Hands-on activities were valuable. I already know which stress reducers I'm going to use.
  • I'm now more aware of how we ARE in control of our stress.
  • Useful to me was verbalizing my career development. "In five years I see myself ... "
  • Now I see myself not burning out!
  • The stress-reduction activities that you did with us, I will use with my students.
  • I see how these stress relievers will help my students and family.

On Burnout Plenary Address
  • Entertaining, concise, well organized, and very well thought-out presentation. Have her again -- she is a wonderful person, very personable and intelligent.
  • Great! She should have been the "opening day" speaker to motivate us all. A real professional.
  • Thanks for the positive, uplifting speech of how to make my life easier and to avoid burnout so I can enjoy my work!
  • Clever approach, enjoyable and reaffirming.
  • The intro to "burnout" -- I truly needed the validation. You made such a difference to me today.





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