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How can teachers meet the challenges of multi-level classes? It helps if we distinguish between planning and preparation...(more)

"From this day on, your teaching life will be easier and more effective."

This is the commitment Laurel Pollard makes at the start of each of her workshops.

Laurel Pollard is a widely known and highly respected international teacher educator. She works with teachers in a wide variety of settings, including public schools, adult education, English as a Second Language, English as a Foreign Language, literacy, and teaching foreign languages in English-speaking countries.

She shares practical activities that help students learn more while making teachers' lives easier.
She validates teachers for what they are already doing well.
She demonstrates effective teaching strategies which involve all language skills, activate students' best learning strategies, and are easily adapted for content and level.
She shows teachers how to reduce stress and avoid burnout. This allows teachers more time to relax, reflect, and recover their teaching vision.

People are drawn to teaching because they want to be useful, want to make a difference. Once they are in the classroom, they discover that there is no end of need out there -- and it's not a hypothetical "out there," any more, but a daily reality.

Many teachers battle feelings of not knowing enough, not being good enough, having too much to do in too little time with not enough support or resources.

Laurel's mission is to empower teachers. When teachers recognize and build on their successes, they can re-discover their creativity and restore the joy to teaching





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