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How can teachers meet the challenges of multi-level classes? It helps if we distinguish between planning and preparation...(more)

Selected Topics

Laurel is a frequent presenter of workshops and plenary sessions at state, regional, and national conferences and inservice training sessions for teachers in ESL, EFL, bilingual education, adult education, refugee education, literacy, and public schools. A partial list of her presentations includes the following:

  • Restoring the Joy to Teaching with Zero Preparation Activities
  • Teaching Large Classes: An Opportunity in Disguise
  • Teaching Multi-Level Classes
  • Effective Teaching in Diverse Classes for Elementary School Teachers
  • Effective Teaching in Diverse Classes for Secondary School Teachers
  • Assessment Strategies for Classroom Teachers
  • Maximize Student Learning with Zero Preparation Activities
  • A Tale of Two Teachers: Reducing Stress and Avoiding Burnout
    ('Spotlight' session at TESOL 2002)
  • Effective Strategies for Time and Stress Management
  • Teaching English Through English in EFL Settings
  • Applications of Multiple Intelligences Research
  • Principles for Communicative Teaching
  • Leaping Past Fear: Routines for Increasing Oral Fluency
  • Empowering Quiet Students in the Classroom and Beyond
  • Learner-Centered Learning: Questions Are the Answer
  • Evaluating Communicative Activities
  • Error Correction that WORKS: What, How, When, & Why
  • Never Use a Baseball Bat: Gentler Error Correction Strategies
  • Games in ESL: Rationale and Assessment
  • Versatile Grammar Practice Games: Rainbow Teams and Hidden Answers
  • Conducting a Student Writing Conference
    (Voted Best of NAFSA Region II conference, Tucson, 1997)
    (Selected for presentation at national NAFSA conference, Washington, D.C., 1998)
  • How Much Training is Enough? An English Program in Mexico
    (Arizona featured speaker at Rocky Mountain TESOL, 1993)
  • Using Total Physical Response
  • Using Videotape in the ESL / EFL Classroom
  • Using Scenarios in ESL / EFL Settings
  • Teaching English through Drama
  • Survival English
  • Teaching Older Adults
  • Teaching with Literature
  • Becoming a More Effective Teacher: Principles and Practices
  • Innovative Approaches to Preparing the Reflective Teacher
  • Issues in Evaluating Teacher Performance
    (UA Symposium on Ethics and Evaluation, 1990)
  • Teacher Performance Appraisal
  • Practicum Options for Experienced Teacher Trainees

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